Queen Size Bed Frames

Queen Size Bed Frames
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Queen Size Bed Frames

The best bed frame for a queen size mattress is a bed frame that sits on the floor in at lease five places. The queen size bedframe should have a support of some sort in each of the four corners of the frame. In addition, there should be a center support for this queen metal bed frame that also touches the floor in the center in a lease one place. Some frames have more then one support in the middle which is even better. Modern mattress manufacturers will generally not honor a mattress warranty if the mattress set was not supported with a frame having at lease one middle support. If your queen metal bed frame is lacking a center support, we sell these on our sister website, www.finewebstore.com

What Size is a Queen Size Bed Frame?

A standard queen size mattress is approximately 60' x 80' so, in general, the queen size metal bed frame should measure a bit more than 60' x 80' on the inside to support the boxspring.

Queen size bed frame sizes can vary depending upon the exact kind of queen size bed we are talking about. I know that it seems dumb to have more than one queen mattress size when it is named a queen but life does get difficult and well meaning people can muddy things up in an effort to make them better.

Here is a list of queen sizes. The standard queen size bed, the queen size mattress that you will buy in almost every mattress store today, is 60' x 80'. But you can also purchase other queen sizes from a store, including mine. Some mattress sales people are clueless when it comes to sizes so if you are buying a new queen size bed, try to be sure that you are getting the actual size you want. Also, if you are buying a used queen bed frame or queen headboard and footboard, try to be sure of the size also because it may vary. Again, many people are clueless to what a queen size bed frame or queen size mattress actually is.

Will A Queen Size Mattress Fit A Full Size Bed Frame?

Will a queen size mattress fit a full size bed frame is a question that is often asked. One of the reasons that people ask this question is because many metal bed frames have various slots cut in them to fit more then one size of bed. Some metal bed frames are sold with slots that will make it fit a queen size, full size or a twin size bed. So the answer to this question can be yes if you have one of these metal bed frames. The problem is that a queen size bed frame really needs to have a leg support that touches the floor in the middle, plus the four supports or wheels on each corner. So the answer to this question is yes, if you have a metal bed frame that will adjust to the queen size (60' x 80') and it has a middle support, it will probably work. If it is a old bed frame that has queen size slots but no middle support, you should not use it. Just about all current mattress manufacturers will not warranty a box spring and mattress that is on a bedframe without a middle support. This is the case because the 60' span of a boxspring or box foundation is considered to far of a stretch and it can cause the queen box spring or queen foundation to sag and possibly fail. If the support below a mattress sags, so will the mattress. A mattress that sags due to a bad foundation will break down very quickly and be very uncomfortable. That is also why you should buy a new box spring or box foundation when you purchase a new mattress, even if your old one looks serviceable.

Queen Bed Frame

Queen size bed frames are probably the most popular size. That being said, most furniture stores only carry three basic styles of queen bed frames, a normal hollyood bed frame, a hook on queen bed frame and a bolt on queen bed frame. The fact is, you can satisfy most peoples needs with these three styles.

The traditional queen size bed frame is a heavy duty angle iron metal frame that has four thick wheels (sometimes one or two of these wheels will lock an additional center support with one and sometimes two additional legs. This particular queen bed frame does not take a footboard. It does, however, have brackets on the headboard side to bolt to a headboard if one wishes. The frame is self supporting and does not need the headboad to stand and hold the mattress.

The bolt on queen bed frame is designed to bolt onto a queen headboard and footboard. This frame is also called a brass bed frame because brass haeadboards and footboards commonly use this frame. In general wood based headboards and footboards do not use this frame because the bolts attaching the frame to the headboard and footboard show at the footboard side. This is an extremely solid way to set a bed up. This queen frame sits on the floor with four platform legs, one on each corner plus it has a cross member with an additional leg for extra center support. This frame is not designed to move while built or be dragged around the floor. Once this frame is up, the mattress and headboard/footboard has to come off before it can be moved or enough labor must be found to pick it up in three to four places. Each one of the platform legs is adjustable in height to accomodate various slight height differences in headboad and footboard manufacturers. This queen size frame is considerd a very sturdy choice.

The third most popular queen bed frame is the hook on bed frame. This frame has roots in the past. Personally I do not like the support that this queen bed frame allows. The design of this bed frame is such that no unsightly bolts will show from the footboard, unlike the queen bolt on bed frame. The problem I have with this bed frame is it generally does not have as thick a side rail system as other bed frames. In addition, rather than having a sturdy bolt on system, it has rails with hooks that fit into a headboard and footboard that are designed to accomodate the hoods. In general, the opening for these queen bed frame hooks are standard in size, but occasionally a manufacturer will do his own think. This is especially true when you consider that many bedroom suites are built in China, Malaysia and Viet Nam. Queen hook on bed rails generally have at least one middle support, often adjustable. Some queen bed frames of the hook up variety actually use a wood side board that matches the headboard and footboard.

Another newly popular is the low profile queen size bed frame. This frame is a direct response to the new monster size in thickness that some new mattress sets have. We now sell extra deep pocket bed sheets for mattresses as thick as twenty inches. Now, thicker is better, not really, but the consumer is king. The problem with these new monster thick mattresses is sleepers can bang their heads on the ceiling in the morning. Also, headbaords and footboards tend to be dwarfed. Two responses to this problem are the extra slim box spring that will save three to four inches off of the mattress height. The other way to shave inches from a bloated mattress set is to use the low profile queen bed frame. A normal queen bedframe is 7.5 inches off of the gound while a low profile queen bed frame is 4.5 inches off of the ground, saving a staggering 3 inches.

The final bedframe that I would like to mention is the hybrid queen size bedframe. This bed frame is built extra heavy duty and it sits on the floor with an astounding 9 platforms. It can accomodate a queen headboard but would need a special attachement to add a footboard to it. This frame will hold a normal queen size mattress set but it is actually designed to hold a queen size hybrid water bed. Obviously, water can be heavy. Hybrid water beds vary widely in the number of gallons they hold, depending upon variety and manufacturer. The industry has built this queen bed frame to accomodate the heaviest. I use one of these queen bedframes for my bed at home because I used to have three kids and a 90 pound dog attacking my wife and I on Sunday morning.